Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Awards

The GEM Award Program recognizes active Department of Medicine staff who have “Gone (the) Extra Mile” and performed above and beyond their daily job responsibilities.

A GEM nominee is someone who:

✓ Consistently motivates others 

✓ Creates an inspirational impact 

✓ Routinely offers encouragement & reassurance

✓ Unites coworkers and fosters a stronger team

✓ Is an exceptionally informed individual, willing to share their substantial knowledge 

✓ Provides outstanding assistance & support to others 

✓ Exceeds their line of obligations & responsibilities 

✓ Embodies exemplary leadership & consistently promotes a positive, respectful & inclusive work environment

Nominations are currently closed as we reevaluate the program and come up with new directions in 2024.

2023 GEM Award Recipients


The Department of Medicine thanks these staff members for Going the Extra Mile!

About the Program

The GEM Awards are an opportunity for you to recognize a fellow employee with a “thank you” for an excellent job done, assistance on a special project, providing backup during vacation, and any other time when they have gone the extra mile.

This program is 100% employee driven, and the nominations come from you!

To Nominate Someone for a GEM Award

Complete a GEM nomination form, outlining why the Department of Medicine employee should receive the award.

Nominations will be reviewed monthly. Award winners will be selected by Department Senior Operations Managers. Winners will then receive a $25 taxable gift card. Recognition announcements will be published in the DoM Newsletter. 

Employees can win no more than three times during the calendar year.

Please note that Division Managers, Department Operations Managers, Faculty, Clinical Educators, and Contingent Staff are not eligible. Staff may not nominate themselves.