With Community. Within Community.

Where We Research

At Stanford’s Department of Medicine, we do research within and with the surrounding community.  Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley tech corridor, our campus location provides the optimal environment for cutting-edge research and collaboration with industry.

Beyond our proximity to world-class healthcare facilities, our Department features 15 divisions, over 70 laboratories, and collaborations with a growing group of community partners around the Bay Area.

Research at the Department of Medicine isn’t just about locations—it’s about building places for growth, change, and belonging. 

We are a place where opportunity, innovation & community converge—all in California’s Bay Area.


The Department of Medicine is composed of 15 divisions. This combination of disciplines and expertise allows for many unique approaches to research that incorporate the best of our clinical care, laboratory work, community engagement, and science communications.


With more than 70 research laboratories, the Department is well-equipped to support researchers across all medical specialties. We offer a collaborative research environment, which promotes research that addresses real-world challenges, improves patient care and well-being, and advances equity and inclusivity.

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