Training Sites

Stanford Hospital (300P)

Stanford University Hospital is a 613-bed teaching hospital (combined between 300P & 500P) which serves both as a community hospital for local patients and as a tertiary referral center for rare and complex diseases.  Stanford Medicine has been undergoing a major expansion over the last several years, including the recent launch of the Stanford Health Care system which reaches throughout the Bay Area, and has had a specific focus on primary care expansion. Residents rotate on a host of inpatient admitting services and consult services, each staffed solely by full-time university faculty.  In addition, residents spend a large proportion of time in the outpatient setting, both in General Medicine/primary care clinics and in core subspecialty clinics.  As the contract provider for Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) patients in the area, Stanford provides care for a large underserved patient population.

Stanford Hospital (500P)

Designed by the internationally recognized firm Rafael Viñoly Architects, the new Stanford Hospital sets a global standard for patient care. The new hospital blends a human-centered approach to care with a razor-sharp focus on integrating technological advancements into every aspect of medical care delivery. Four acres of gardens, original art and sweeping views share the spotlight with state-of-the-art interventional operating and imaging suites, digitally driven patient rooms and access to a premier team of specialists from across Stanford Medicine.

Palo Alto VA Medical Center

The Palo Alto VA Medical Center, located just a few miles from Stanford University Hospital, is one of the flagship VA medical centers around the country, and is one of the largest referral centers in the VA system.  Residents rotating on the inpatient and outpatient services at the VA have the opportunity to care for the veteran population, providing the opportunity to see both the common diseases of this population and more unusual tertiary-care problems for patients who are referred from VA centers throughout the region. One particular highlight of the VA General Medicine Wards service is the Intermediate ICU – a state-of-the-art care unit run by the General Medicine wards teams which cares for many critical care patients.  As the primary housestaff group who rotates at the Palo Alto VA, the Internal Medicine residents are extremely involved and integrated with the quality improvement process and projects.

Santa Clara Valley Medical

The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) is the primary county hospital for Santa Clara County, and is located approximately 20 minutes south of Stanford.  Many members of the medical staff have affiliations/appointments with Stanford, and Stanford residents rotate at SCVMC on both the inpatient wards team and subspecialty clinics every month.  As an intern, you will spend 1-2 general medicine wards months at SCVMC, providing a county hospital experience and the opportunity to work with a nearly-exclusively underserved population.