Translational Investigator Program

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1 — Apply through ERAS to the Stanford Internal Medicine Residency Program (Categorical Program).

2 — If you are invited to interview, you will be asked if you are interested in also interviewing for TIP

3 —  If you wish to interview with TIP, you will have a two-day interview rather than a single-day interview. The first day will be the standard interview day for the residency program, and the second day will be an interview day specifically for TIP. You will be asked which subspecialty area (e.g. Cardiology, Oncology, etc.) you wish to interview with; if you would like to interview with more than one subspecialty area, we will be happy to accommodate

4 — Your TIP interview day will be designed to expose you to the extremely rich and vibrant scientific community at Stanford. We will focus the day on your specific areas of interest, and we will facilitate interviews with any specific faculty you wish to meet with whenever possible.

5 —  Shortly after your TIP interview day, we will let you know if you have been accepted into TIP. Acceptance into TIP includes acceptance into the subspecialty fellowship program(s) you interviewed with, assuming a solid clinical performance during residency. If you are not accepted into TIP, you can still match with the Categorical residency program and take advantage of the scientific/research opportunities available through either the Basic Science/Translational Research Pathway of Distinction or the Clinical Research/Quality Improvement Pathway of Distinction.

6 — We do not have a separate match number through NRMP for TIP. If you interviewed with TIP and have been informed that you were accepted into the program, you will automatically become a member of TIP if you match at Stanford for your residency training.


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