Resident QI Project Themes

Recent QI Publications

  • M. Tan, K. Hooper, C. Braddock, L. Shieh, “Patient Whiteboards to Improve Patient Centered Care in the Hospital”, Postgrad Med J; 89(1056): 604-9, Oct 2013
  • J. Chen, D. Fang, L. Goodnough, K. Evans, M. Porter, L. Shieh, “Why providers transfer blood products outside recommended guidelines in spite of integrated electronic best practice alerts”, J Hospital Medicine, Jul 7, 2014
  • D. Fang, G. Sran, D. Gessner, P. Loftus, A. Folkins, J. Christopher, L Shieh, “The Effect of Cost and Turn-Around Time Display on Inpatient Ordering of Reference Laboratory Tests”, BMJ Qual Saf. Aug 27, 2014
  • K. Evans, W. Daines, J. Tsui, M. Strehlow, P. Maggio, L. Shieh, “Septris: A novel, mobile, online, game improves sepsis recognition and management”, accepted to Academic Medicine Innovation Jul 2014
  • M. Kantor, K. Evans, L. Shieh, “Pending studies at hospital discharge: A pre-post analysis of an electronic medical record tool to improve communication at hospital discharge”, accepted to JGIM, Sept 2014
  • T. Garg, J. Lee, J. Chen, K Evans, L. Shieh. “Development of a best practice discharge checklist for hospital patients using the electronic medical record.” Accepted to Jt Comm J Qual Patient Safety,  Oct 2014