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We pride ourselves in offering an individualized residency education with intensive mentorship. To help accomplish this goal, we have a variety of tracks to choose from.  Please note that these are separate from the Pathways of Distinction (PODs) and the Core Faculty Mentorship Groups, each of which every incoming Internal Medicine intern will have the opportunity to participate in.

Global Health

This track is available for up to two residents per year, and is intended for individuals who plan a career in global health.  Co-Directed by Michele Barry, MD (Senior Associate Dean for Global Health) and Cybele Renault, MD (Program Lead in Global Health), this track offers the opportunity for more flexibility in the schedule, more time overseas, and a greater emphasis on care of underserved populations.  This track also offers an optional 4th year with funding for a Masters degree.  This track has a separate NRMP number [1820140C1].  Please click here for more information on both the Global Health track and the Global Health opportunities for all of the residents in the residency program.

Medicine Anesthesia

Translational Investigator Pathway

This pathway is designed for candidates with an extensive research background in the basic or clinical sciences.  Many candidates have PhD degrees, but this is not a requirement.  This pathway is designed to provide intensive mentorship for individuals interested in careers as physician-scientists, continuing from the start of internship to the end of subspecialty fellowship (when applicable).  This pathway does not have a separate NRMP number, as we do not have a fixed number of individuals in it per year.  If you are interested in being considered for this pathway, please let us know either at the time of applying or when you receive an interview invitation, so that we can arrange for a second interview day (typically the day following your main interview day) with physician-scientist faculty members in your field of interest.  Some candidates in this program ‘short-track’ into fellowship, spending one fewer year in Internal Medicine residency and two additional research years in a subspecialty fellowship program, but this is not a requirement of the pathway. Learn More

Preliminary Year Programs

We offer two one-year preliminary Medicine positions NRMP number [1820140P1] for candidates applying to Stanford Neurology residency.  While anyone applying to Neurology at Stanford can apply, only individuals who match at Stanford Neurology can match into one of the two spots.  In addition, eight Categorical Anesthesia residents spend their PGY-1 year with the Internal Medicine program; these candidates have a single match into the Categorical Anesthesia spots, and do not have a separate application or NRMP number for their first year. Other than the one-year positions described above, we do not offer other Preliminary-year positions.

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