Department Culture

The Department of Medicine is a supportive, collaborative, innovative work environment where everyone has the opportunity to make an impact. Hear department members describe the culture in their own words.

“The one thing I would want to keep, no doubt, is this spirit and energy around having each others’ backs.”

Stephanie Harman, MD

Clinical Associate Professor
Primary Care and Population Health

“As a resident, I felt like the people that were helping me grow were the same people that were there to help me in the transition to faculty.”

Natasha Steele, MD, MPH

Clinical Assistant Professor
Hospital Medicine

“The core value of the department?

That’s going to be innovation.

That’s the engine that drove us here.”

Jack Zeng

Director of IT Applications
Department of Medicine

“The thing that drew me here was the mission.

That continues to motivate and drive me to do great work.”

Karina Delgado-Carrasco

Director of Education Programs
Residency Program

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