How We Research

In the Department of Medicine, we expand the boundaries of how research is done, not just what research is done. From lab to clinic to community, we combine approaches to tackle medical research from every angle. Medicine never stops evolving, and neither do our approaches to advancing it.

It’s not just what we do. It’s how we do it.

Basic Science

Community-Based Care

Our researchers advance the science of medicine by developing new methods to prevent, diagnose, and treat all aspects of human disease. We seek to lead medical science by encouraging a wide array of research interests among our diverse community of thinkers.

We support health equity and community-oriented research in the local community, collaborating with community-based organizations seeking technical support or evaluation partners. We also aim to support the dissemination of research findings in forums most useful to the community.

Team Science

Translational Medicine

Team science is our interdisciplinary, inclusive, and collaborative approach to addressing large-scale, high-impact scientific questions. Team science initiatives will improve human health by synchronizing the combined expertise of professionals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Our research informs our state-of-the-art clinical care and we push to translate our findings into compassionate and high quality health care. We combine the latest science with cutting edge procedures and treatments and subspecialty areas of medicine to apply research findings to patient care.