Fellow's Council is a fellow-led committee that meets to form new initiatives, social opportunities and projects that support all fellows. Council members act as a liaison to the fellowship leadership and have the opportunity to work on projects aimed at improving the fellowship experience and well-being for their community.

Upcoming Events:

Interested in joining? Please reach out to Talia Ochoa at tochoa@stanford.edu


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Fellows' Council Co-Chairs

Ivana Jankovic, MD

Mohana Roy, MD

Fellows' College Council Members

Arjun Rustagi, MD, PhD

Vladimir Glinskii, MD

Past Events:

Virtual Welcome Event!

2020's welcome event looked a bit different due to COVID-19. However, thank you to our wonderful Chair, Robert Harrington and Vice-Chair Abraham Verghese for welcoming our new and returning fellows. 

Fellows College Welcome! 

Mixer with the 2019 incoming fellows with lots of fun, games, and prizes. 

Upper-Year Panel

Fellows Fiance with Charles Liao, MD

Fellows had a chance to hear from Dr. Liao and his experiences with finances as a fellow. 

Fellows' College Career Night Key Takeaways:

  • The job search will be tougher this year due to Covid- never too early to start looking-right now, around September/October is ideal
  • Be open minded. Your first job may not be exactly what you expect but it could still be great. 
  • Talk to your mentors about your career goals. During COVID- ask for email or phone introductions.
  • It’s OK to cold-call (or email) places you’re interested in.
  • Be open to an instructor year if need to build on research portfolio and being able to get protected time 
  • Dont forget that you are marketable- so if a position is not working out, its usually not directly you. Be flexible but still try to have your must haves- ask re: career trajectory and even if more flexibility possible in latter years, can ask for it in writing
  • The BioSci Career Center is an under-utilized resource for Fellows, but can help with career counseling, prepping your CV, practice interviews, negotiating, etc. Email Debra Rosenfeld (drosenfe@stanford.edu) to set up a counseling appointment.