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  • An Update on Med 267: IDEO, Presence & Human Experience in Medicine

    Presence has partnered with IDEO, a premiere design firm in Palo Alto to create and teach a new course focused on reducing diagnostic errors, while championing the human experience in medicine.

  • How “Medically Superfluous” Factors Help Patients Heal

    An article in the BMJ written by three members of the Stanford community argues that doctors’ influence on their patients is affected by two factors that most doctors don’t take into consideration: patients’ mindset and the social context.

  • Wendy Caceres’s Early Focus Is on Education and Service

    Just a few years out of her own residency in internal medicine, clinical instructor of general medical disciplines Wendy Caceres, MD, is enjoying several roles as clinician, mentor to medical students and residents, and educator.

  • Aabed Meer

    Aabed Meer is in his last year of training in internal medicine. Following college at Harvard and medical and business school at Stanford, he took time out to advise both groups that are creating innovative healthcare companies and healthcare systems wanting to invest in new healthcare ideas.

  • Residency at Stanford

    Stanford provides its residents with unmatched clinical and research opportunities. But it’s what the residents themselves bring to Stanford – energy, curiosity, passion – that makes our program so vibrant.

  • Becca Tisdale

    As a Palo Alto native and Stanford undergraduate, Becca Tisdale was pretty sure that her next step should be abroad. In Paris and London she acquired a Master of Public Affairs degree, which she felt would be foundational given her interest in working at the cross-roads of health policy, medicine, and global public health.

  • Josh Biddle

    It took a great deal of internal fortitude and some external guidance to help Josh Biddle as a troubled teenager find his way to becoming the second-year resident in Internal Medicine he is today.

  • Maggie Ning

    As a first-year internal medicine resident, Maggie Ning’s in-patient service days are filled with consults, pages, orders, reports, learning cases, rounds, admissions and notes.

  • Ilana Yurkiewicz

    Ilana Yurkiewicz is in her second year of Internal Medicine residency. While she hasn’t yet decided on her specialty post-residency, she is leaning toward either primary care or hematology-oncology.

  • Connie E-Jean Chen

    She now fills her days with what she calls “an ever-changing” and “ever-stimulating” mix of direct patient interactions, care coordination, didactics and meetings with partners (both for research and ongoing business collaborations outside residency). In addition, she spends as much time as possible outdoors hiking, biking and skiing with her husband and their two dogs, Porkchop and Katsu.

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