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  • Kelley Skeff Delivers Commencement Address at Georgetown University School of Medicine

    On May 22, Kelley Skeff delivered the commencement address for Georgetown University's School of Medicine.

  • Vinicio de Jesus Perez Receives Prestigious Award from ASCI

    Each year for the past several years, the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) has presented about 30 Young Physician-Scientist Awards, which recognize medical professionals.

  • Staff Engagement Fiesta set for June 16

    Department of Medicine staff members are invited to join Cathy Garzio for a presentation of the employee engagement survey results, followed by a free taco lunch.

  • Chertow’s JAMA Editorial Challenges Nephrologists

    A randomized clinical trial designed to compare the effects of shorter and longer times to initiating dialysis in critically ill hospitalized patients with AKI was just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and was accompanied by an editorial by Glenn Chertow.

Medicine Grand Rounds

July 6 @ 8-9 am

The History and the Disposition of Medicine

LKSC, Berg Hall, 2nd Floor

July 13 @ 8-9 am

With Mark Musen

LKSC, Berg Hall, 2nd Floor

July 20 @ 8-9 am

Changing the Health Care Cost Discussion from “How Much” to “How Well”

LKSC, Berg Hall, 2nd Floor

Faculty Activities Of Note

Research Corner with Ken Mahaffey

Vice Chair of Clinical Research Ken Mahaffey sits down with Rebecca McCue to discuss clinical research at Stanford.

The Great Lie that Tells the Truth | Abraham Verghese | TEDxStanford

Digital Health Explained: Making Patient Care Easier

In the latest episode of “The Bob Harrington Show” on Medscape’s theheart.org, Bob Harrington interviews Sumbul Desai on the latest innovations and challenges in digital health, including reimbursement issues, patient satisfaction, and integration into current workflow.

Divisions in the Department of Medicine

Stanford Internal Medicine Residency Program Hangout

  • “I think I’ve finally found my calling in immunology.”

    Having come to the United States from India in 1998, Purvesh Khatri, originally planned a career as an electronics and communications engineer.