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  • Sanjay Basu on his NIH award, and the importance of risk-taking in research

    In September, Sanjay Basu, MD, PhD, received a call from a program officer at the National Institutes of Health informing him that he had received the New Innovator Award.

  • Year in Review: Top Stories of 2015

    A look back at some of the year’s top stories – the most read, the most shared, and the most talked about.

  • Paul Bollyky’s Catalyst Award Aims Squarely at Pseudomonas Infections

    Recently, Paul Bollyky, MD, DPhil, learned that he was to receive a Catalyst Award from the Dr. Ralph and Marian Falk Medical Research Trust.

  • John Hennessy offers his personal perspective

    The premise behind TRAM’s “Personal Perspectives” lecture series is simple: Give Stanford luminaries a microphone, a stage, and an hour to talk about their careers and interests, and people will show up.

Medicine Grand Rounds

February 3 @ 8-9 am

Wisdom of the Crowd or Tyranny of the Mob?

LKSC, Berg Hall, 2nd Floor

February 10 @ 8-9 am

Engaging Patients As Partners: Effective Behavior Change Strategies for Busy Clinicians

LKSC, Berg Hall, 2nd Floor

February 17 @ 8-9 am

Medicine and Literature: Fiction As Ethics

LKSC, Berg Hall, 2nd Floor

Faculty Activities Of Note

Research Corner with Ken Mahaffey

In this interview, Dr. Mahaffey sits down with Dr. Manisha Desai, Associate Professor (Research), Medicine - Biomedical Informatics Research to discuss her work at Stanford.

The Great Lie that Tells the Truth | Abraham Verghese | TEDxStanford

Cardiology 2015: The Year in Review

In the latest episode of “The Bob Harrington Show” on Medscape’s theheart.org, Drs Harrington and Gibson give their annual review of the highs and lows in medicine with a focus on cardiology.

Divisions in the Department of Medicine

Stanford Internal Medicine Residency Program Hangout

  • Faculty Spotlight - Charlotte Jacobs, MD

    Given the time commitment physicians must give to their profession, one wonders whether they have non-medical talents or interests that they pursue with something approaching the passion they give to medicine. And, if so, how do they do that?…