Team Science Seed Grants Announced

November 20, 2023

A central pillar of team science is to provide opportunities for clinical faculty to engage in research. With that in mind, the department has created a mechanism for seed grants to help expand faculty careers and nurture projects as a foundation for future, larger grant proposals.

The five recipients of the first round of seed grants and their projects are:

Daisuke Furukawa, MD

Clinical assistant professor of infectious diseases

Diagnosing Bacterial Clearance of Periprosthetic Joint Infections Using Microbial Circulating Cell Free DNA

Linda Geng, MD, PhD

Clinical associate professor of primary care and population health

Improving Long COVID Care in Vulnerable Patients

Ron Li, MD

Clinical assistant professor of hospital medicine

Redesigning Asynchronous Virtual Care Models Using Large Language Models: A Sociotechnical and User-Centered Approach

Fauzia Riaz, MD

Clinical assistant professor of oncology

ctDNA-MRD to Guide Use of Adjuvant Systemic Therapy in Early-Stage, Node-Negative Breast Cancer

Jorge Salinas, MD

Assistant professor of infectious diseases

Genomic Analysis of Infection Prevention Practices and Transmission Dynamics for Multidrug-Resistant Organism in Healthcare Facilities.

The seed grants cover $50,000 of research costs per year. Faculty who were not eligible this year may apply next year – stay tuned!

Congratulations to the grant recipients!