Meet Stanford’s Newest Residents

An annual (much anticipated) ceremony for medical students, Match Day is the culmination of a year filled with detailed applications, extensive travel and rigorous interviews. After ranking preferences for residency programs, students are “matched” via the National Resident Matching Program’s computer algorithm. Medical schools nationwide gather on the designated Match Day as students open envelopes revealing their future physician training program.

On this year’s Match Day, the Department of Medicine eagerly welcomed 60 exceptional students to its 2019-2020 class of resident physicians. The impressive group will bring unique interests, talents, experiences and backgrounds to campus and to the medical community.

Get to know the 2019-2020 residents:

By the numbers

Of the 60 students joining Stanford Medicine’s residency program, 45 matched categorical to Internal Medicine. 2 students matched in a combined Internal Medicine-Anesthesia residency program (one of only three such programs in the country). 15 additional students matched for one-year Internal Medicine training before continuing their training in Anesthesia or Neurology.

The largest numbers of students who matched went to medical school at UCLA (7), Stanford (5) and Northwestern (5).

Categorical Internal Medicine

Ramya Balijepally

Jason Batten

Carrie Cao

Kathryn Cardoza

Benjamin Catanese

Mayuri Chandran

Michelle Chiu

Marimar Contreras Nieves

Philip Dinh

Alyssa Ehrlich

Eson Ekpo

Tim Ellis-Caleo

Kyle Fahey

Muhammad Fazal

Robert Gallo

Michael Glover

Gavin Hui

Daniel Kim

Peter Konyn

Emily Liang

Rebecca Linfield

Jingyi Liu

Stephen Ma

Max McClure

Shayli Merlo

Susanna Miao

Benjamin Pagano

Blossom Raychaudhuri

Allyson Richardson

Christine Santiago

Thomas Savage

Manan Shah

Kavitha Subramanian

Nivetha Subramanian

Matthew Tran

Adi Ullal

Sharif Vakili

Elena Vasti

Alejandro Villar-Prados

Sarah Waliany

John Wang

Maggie Zhou

Justin Zhuo

Internal Medicine - Anesthesia Combined Program

Christian O'Donnell

Alex Rodriguez

Anesthesia & Neurology (First Year Internal Medicine)

Erdong Chen

Cornel Chiu

Matthew Erlendson

Alexandra Handy

Christy Hong

Allie Klein

Joy Le

Vivek Vallurupalli

Carolyn Wright

Jaron Yang

Caroline Yeldezian

Deanne Kennedy

Kyle Lyman

Evan Madill

Jackie Summers