Employee of the Month – Peng Yuan

December 2018, Hematology

For Peng Yuan, grants manager for the department of hematology, “no request is too small.”  Peng, who began his time in hematology as a temporary admin, has been with the department for six and a half years, and he’s become, according to administrative assistant Thora Berndt, the “rock of our division.”

A patient man

He’s enormously helpful, all of his colleagues agree, but many of them also praise him for his patience.  “He is an excellent example of keeping calm and figuring things out,” administrative associate Chantelle Thai says, adding that he offers to help colleagues so often that “I can do it if you can’t” should be his personal slogan.

Thora Berndt agrees: “His willingness to assist any one of us is unmatched. He is the first to open the door for somebody (a simple kindness) or patiently explain a complicated process to a newcomer- as he as done for me and others.”

Ameen Salahudeen, MD, PhD, instructor of hematology adds, “He performs above expectations and quickly responds to e-mail inquiries, and exhibits a tremendous amount of patience with novice questions from fellows and faculty.”

A welcome presence in the office

Peng’s knowledge of financial procedures is clearly exemplary, but his colleagues also really appreciate his attitude.  Lu Chen, PhD, postdoctoral research fellow in hematology, says, “He is always present to help people, and never waivers from the extra work duties and hours he needs to put in to support ongoing research efforts. Peng is also very caring when a coworker is in need of advice and helpful suggestions.”

Medical student Ekaterina Tkachenko adds, “Peng is one of my favorite employees in our department. He is very clever, resourceful and always available for help and support. He is willing to go the extra mile for everyone, responsive even on weekends and is knowledgeable about areas way beyond his direct duties.”

Berndt agrees: “As a member of our HWE group he demonstrates a fabulous dry humor and is always willing to participate with a smile on his face. Peng is also an amazing family man who gladly shares a story or two about his son Jason.”

For his part, Peng loves his job.  On a day to day basis, he maintains multiple sponsored projects operations and closure, including contracts, grants, and clinical trials, manages PIs portfolios, and leads the finance group.   He worked as a financial analyst in industries for over ten years before coming to Stanford, also earning his MBA.

Peng called the award “exciting,” adding, “I really appreciate all the people who support my work.”  In his spare time he loves to read history books and play with his six year-old son.