Residents and Faculty Well Represented at the SGIM in Los Angeles

The 2017 annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine CA-Hi chapter took place in Los Angeles on January 21. Residents and faculty were well represented – presenting posters and research, serving in leadership roles, and running workshops.

Residents Rachita Navara and Jessica Langston received accolades for their poster presentations. Navara was awarded first place in the research poster category, while Langston took home third place in clinical vignettes.

Maja Artandi co-chaired the one-day event, and was elected as the new President for the SGIM CA-HI region. She will oversee next year’s annual meeting, which will be held in Palo Alto.

Other notable Stanford accomplishments and responsibilities include:

Oral presentations: Anuradha Phadke;

Poster presenters: Rachita Navara, Alvin Chen, Jessica Langston, Lisa Zhu, Matt Stevenson, Sarah Wachtel, Tony Cun;

Poster judges: Wendy Caceres and Marcie Levine;

Conference co-chairs: Kirsti Weng (Vignette Review Committee) and Yeuen Kim (Workshop Committee);

Faculty also led several workshops. Linda Barman and Kirsti Weng presided over a session entitled “Everyday Wellness Skills in 10 Minutes,” and Baldeep Singh ran the popular “Mentorship Workshop.”