Ron Witteles Named 2020 Program Director of the Year

Ron Witteles, MD

Ron Witteles, MD, professor of cardiovascular medicine and program director of internal medicine residency program, was named Program Director of the Year for 2020.  Witteles has been director of the program since 2011 and was the senior associate program director from 2009-2011.

Larry Katznelson, who announced the award, said, “Ron received this award for his outstanding commitment and creative approach as leader of the residency training program. As noted by residents, ‘his greatness as a program director lies in his humility toward and respect for the resident experience.’”

Katznelson noted Ron’s strength as director during unprecedented challenges, including the opening of 500P and COVID-19.  “In response to the COVID pandemic, Ron worked with the residents in weekly sessions to listen to concerns and work with hospital leadership to ensure top level education and adequate safety protection,” Katznelson explained. “The rapid shift to virtual learning for both didactics and inpatient care is evidence of this work.”

Ron’s residents declared, “His steadfast leadership and compassion during such difficult times ensured that we not only endured this difficult year, but have come out the other side a better program.”

His program coordinators cited Ron’s ability to “be part of the visionary process of the program,” adding that Ron “is truly a gracious team leader and an example of professional  excellence,  and  it  has  been an honor to  work alongside him.”

Katznelson concluded, “Ron received this award for his inspirational commitment to the residents and the program team.”