Meet the 2016-2017 Intern Class

On March 18, over 42,000 medical students tore open envelopes that revealed where they will spend the next years of their lives as resident physicians.

This annual ceremony, known as Match Day, is a rite of passage for newly minted MDs – a culmination of years of studying, lab work, and training.

50 graduates ‘matched’ with Stanford this year, and they will arrive on campus in June. “This is a truly remarkable class,” reflected Ron Witteles, MD, director of Stanford’s Internal Medicine Residency Program.

He continued: “The success of the match represents the collective effort of so many members of the Department of Medicine. I know that you’ll all greatly enjoy working with this superb group in the upcoming years. Please accept my sincere thanks to everyone who participated in recruitment – we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Here’s a brief introduction to Stanford’s newest residents:

Categorical Internal Medicine

Grant Barber

Julia Chang

Kevin Chang

Michael Genualdi

Daniel Hausrath

Gilad Jaffe

Alan Kiang
Amrita Krishnamurthy
Andrew Li
Ning (Maggie) Ning
Katharine Ozeki
Jay Patel
Ulysses Rosas
Sonia Shah
Surbhi Singhal
Rebecca Tisdale
James Tooley
Bo Wang
Apurva Yeluru

Nicholas Degner

Katharine Dobos

Darius Filsuf

Kevin Kane

Shawn Kaye

Vanessa Kennedy

Teresa Liu
Lakshman Manjunath
Arathi Mohan
Krishna Pundi
Viraj Raygor
Amy Rogers
Justin Slade
Vittavat (Tor) Termglinchan
Sushrut Thiruvengadam
Najeff Waseem
Mike Wei
Jingkun (Ginger) Yang

Internal Medicine - Anesthesia Combined Program

Xi (Emma) Li
Patrick Sullivan

Anesthesia & Neurology (First Year Internal Medicine)

Michael Chen
Michael Gene Cook
Zahra Dawson
Veronica Orr
Alexandra Ruan
Christine Stypula
Candida Goodnough
Nicholas Larsen
Justin Meyerowitz
Paige Tsuda
Hanbing (Hilary) Wang