Jonathan Maltzman Appointed Councilor-at-Large for the American Society of Transplantation

Jonathan Maltzman, MD, PhD, FAST, associate professor of nephrology, has just been appointed to a three-year term as Councilor-at-Large for the American Society of Transplantation, or AST. 

He is one of three new councilors who act to manage the affairs and business of the society.

This involves various responsibilities, including attending board meetings, acting as a representative of the membership, and scrutinizing reports and issues pertaining to the society.  Maltzman will also work as a liaison to the board for various groups within the society, currently including the Transplant Regenerative Medicine and Transplant Administration and Quality Management Communities of Practice. He will also continue to serve as chairman of the AST Research Network.

The AST is the largest transplant organization in North America, and according to their website, “Other transplant organizations, policy makers, regulatory agencies, payors, academic institutions, and the general public look to the AST for guidance, research, and resources related to transplantation.” 

They aim to “improve patient care by promoting research, education, advocacy, and organ donation.”