Dimitri Augustin Awarded the Redesign Dialysis Phase 1 Prize at the 2019 KidneyX Summit

Postdoctoral Fellow Dimitri Augustin is one of 15 individuals selected from over 160 applicants to be awarded a first-ever KidneyX Redesign Dialysis Phase 1 Prize. A collaboration between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American Society of Nephrology, KidneyX is committed to advancing innovation related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of kidney diseases. Augustin is among the winners who presented to industry leaders in government, mechanical and bioengineering, investment, and medical product development at the inaugural KidneyX Summit in April.

Augustin’s prize money will fund his project, “Fluo Medical Fistula Monitoring Device,” which focuses on the development of a wearable device capable of monitoring arteriovenous fistula maturation in real time. As outlined in his proposal, a surgically created arteriovenous fistula is the preferred method of venous access for hemodialysis dependent patients with end-stage renal disease. Currently, there is no reliable way to closely follow arteriovenous fistula development that allows for early and informed decisions regarding treatment. A device capable of providing physicians with actionable data could help reduce fistula maturation failure and the associated catheter costs and hospital readmissions, which would ultimately lessen overall cost and catheter use time.  

Glenn Chertow, MD, the Division Chief for Nephrology, says Augustin’s work and achievements are “truly phenomenal.” Through his medical career, Augustin has demonstrated a genuine commitment to improving patient care. His experience with the Masters in Biotechnology program at Georgetown University introduced him to translational research, biotechnology, and medical devices, all components of medicine that he quickly realized he wanted to be part of his practice.

As a fellow with Stanford Biodesign, he says that specializing in nephrology is “the perfect fit” because it allows him to apply the development of technologies and procedures that will improve care of patients with kidney disease. Augustin completed medical school and residency at the University of Miami.