Awards and Honors: Winter 2023

Celebrating the accomplishments of Department of Medicine faculty and staff

January 4, 2023 - By Cassie Myers

Awards and Honors

Joseph Wu Named Named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

Joseph Wu, MD, Simon H. Stertzer Professor of Medicine and Director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute, has been named (along with two other Stanford faculty members) a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.  His lab works on biological mechanisms of patient-specific and disease-specific induced pluripotent stem cells. The main goals are to understand cardiovascular disease mechanisms, accelerate drug discovery, develop “clinical trial in a dish,” and implement precision medicine for cardiovascular patients. His lab uses a combination of genomics, stem cells, cellular and molecular biology, physiological testing, and molecular imaging technologies to better understand molecular and pathological processes. Congratulations, Joseph!

Michele Barry Receives Martin S. Wolfe Mentoring Award

Michele Barry, MD, FACP, professor of medicine, senior associate dean of Global Health at Stanford and director of the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health, received the Martin S. Wolfe Mentoring Award from the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Barry, a passionate advocate for building more equitable and diverse global health leadership, was recognized for her exceptional work in guiding the professional growth of careers in tropical and travel medicine. Congratulations, Michele!

RECOVER Team Wins ISP (Integrated Strategic Planning) Star Award

The ISP Star award recognizes teams who, through extraordinary effort and immense skill, embody the strategic priorities of our Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP): Value Focused, Digitally Driven, and Uniquely Stanford. The Stanford RECOVER team was nominated by DoM leadership and awarded by SoM and SHC leadership. The team has, to date, enrolled over 850 participants, launched enrollment at Tri-Valley, and recently had their first participant come for their one year follow-up. Congratulations, RECOVER team!

Jeffrey Ketchersid Named Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley Physician of the Quarter

Congratulations to Jeffrey Ketchersid, MD, clinical assistant professor of medicine, who was recently named Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley Physician of the Quarter!


The DOM MD Program Teaching Award Winners

It is our pleasure to announce that the following DoM faculty won a 2022 MD Program Teaching award. These awards are selected by our medical student community and are a recognition of outstanding contributions to their medical education and learning environment.

•          Celeste Witting

•          Gordon Gao

•          Pedram Fatehi

•          Benjamin Laniakea

•          Tracy Rydel

•          Lars Osterberg

•          Mina Charon

•          Erika Schillinger

•          Preetha Basaviah

•          Holly Tabor

•          Andre Kumar

Promotions and Appointments

Minjoung Go, MD, has been promoted to Clinical Associate Professor.


Errol Ozdalga, MD, has been promoted to Clinical Professor.

Andre Kumar, MD, MEd, has been promoted to Clinical Associate Professor.

Victoria Parikh Named Director of Stanford Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease

Congratulations to Victoria Parikh, MD, assistant professor of cardiovascular medicine, who will will become Director of the Stanford Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease!