2019 Department of Medicine Teaching Awards

Medical education, always important, is perhaps even more crucial in the days of COVID-19. 

So this year the 2019 Teaching Awards, distributed via Zoom, put those amazing teachers front and center even in the midst of a pandemic. Some are new faces to the awards, while others have won the awards multiple times.

The awards were announced by Abraham Verghese, MD, FACP, Linda R. Meier And Joan F. Lane Provostial professor of medicine. 

As he said, “Teaching remains one of the most critical things we do.  It’s really a pleasure for me to be mentioning these awards today."

Jonathan Palma, MD, & Natalie Pageler, MD

Palma: Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Biomedical Informatics Research

Pageler: Clinical Professor, Pediatrics and Biomedical Informatics Research

“Natalie and Jon are co-directors of the Clinical Informatics fellowship program, supported by the Department of Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics.  Natalie and Jon help to train new leaders in applied clinical informatics, and they lead outstanding educational programs that are important to BMIR faculty, staff, and students."

--Mark Musen, Chief of Biomedical Informatics Research

Wen-Kai Weng, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Blood and Marrow Transplantation

"Dr. Weng, a winner of this award a number of times, sets the standard for teaching in our division. His infectious enthusiasm, knowledge and curiosity continues to inspire our trainees and staff."

--Robert Negrin, Chief of Blood and Marrow Transplantation

Christiane Haeffele, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine

"Dr. Haeffele is an outstanding clinician who is focused on medical education.  She has served diligently as the Associate Fellowship Director and has orchestrated the clinical education and revamped the curriculum for our fellows.  She is involved with educating our trainees regarding imaging and regarding structural heart disease.  Despite significant draws on her time, Christiane remains focused on teaching to anyone who comes to her.  She consistently is singled out for her teaching and the fellows reach out to her constantly for support, working in tandem with Dr. Josh Knowles.  I look forward to her continued growth as an educator and she is so deserving of this award."

--Eldrin Lewis, Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine

Deborah Sellmeyer, MD

Clinical Professor of Endocrinology, Gerontology and Metabolism

“Debbie is truly a master clinician in metabolic bone disease who enthusiastically imparts her knowledge, all the while infusing an excitement and appreciation for bone biology among the trainees.”

Frederic Kraemer, Chief of Endocrinology, Gerontology, and Metabolism

Aparna Goel, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Quotes from fellows:

“I have always been impressed with Aparna’s passion and ability to teach… She clearly merits the teaching award, and I am so privileged to have been able to learn from her for the past few years.”

“She is one of the star clinical assistant professors in the division, a committed educator who has played an active role in the organizational structure and has created new learning opportunities for fellows.”

“She is THE best hepatology faculty we have, a master clinician and effective attending. She is supportive and maintains high expectations. An absolute pleasure to work with and a role model for juniors and peers.”

Dr. Goel’s teaching philosophy:

“In academic medicine, we are lifelong learners and teachers. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with the brightest fellows in the country. And because they are the brightest, they challenge my skills and have helped me become a better teacher over the years. We approach each patient, either on service or in clinic, as an opportunity to learn together.”

Rondeep Singh Brar, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Hematology

“Congratulations to Dr. Rondeep Brar on being awarded the 2019 Department of Medicine Teaching Award for the Hematology Division. Dr. Brar consistently received high praise from the trainees for his teaching in clinic, educational lectures, and attention to evidence-based practice - a very well-deserved honor!” 

Ravi Majeti, Chief of Hematology

Errol Ozdalga, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine

"Dr. Ozdalga has shown a long-term talent & commitment to medical education even when he was a resident at Stanford, teaching his interns on the wards.   He created a popular teaching website called 'Diagnosis' and as a faculty member went on to help develop & implement the curriculum for the popular Stanford 25 bedside medicine program with Dr. Verghese. He remains one of the leaders in medical education for the department of medicine, combining his superb bedside medicine skills with technology and innovation.”

Neera Ahuja, Chief of Hospital Medicine

Lorinda Chung, MD, MS

Professor, Immunology and Rheumatology

“Dr. Lorinda Chung has again gone above and beyond in teaching fellows, residents and medical students in our rheumatology clinics, on our inpatient consult service, and in didactic lectures.  We would like to recognize her commitment, outstanding teaching, and outstanding mentorship of fellows, residents and students through the Divisional Teaching Award.”

--Bill Robinson, Chief of Immunology & Rheumatology   

Dora Ho, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases

Quotes from fellows:

“She is the role model for juniors. So hard working. Inspirational personality. Well organized and very efficient. Always spares some time for fellows teaching even on busy days. Love to work and learn from her.”

“Dora is truly a gift to this program. She is a very knowledgeable physician, who is devout with her patients, emphasizes team work, encourages debate, provides the evidence behind her decisions and carries rounds in an efficient manner. Furthermore, she genuinely cares about pointing out effective and useful feedback for personal and professional growth. In short, outstanding.”

Marisa Holubar, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases

Quotes from fellows:

“Wonderful attending! Very engaged. Great teaching pearls. Personable. Good rapport with other services. I would love to work with her again!”

“Fantastic clinician and teacher. Was guiding me to improve, knowing when to offer help/suggestions and when to let me do things on my own. Excellent model of effective communication with other staff. Very supportive and positive during a busy service. I love working with Dr Holubar!”

Pedram Fatehi, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Nephrology

“Whether at the bedside on the Jamison or Maffly general nephrology services, in the ICU, with the Hypertension Center, or in the classroom teaching renal physiology or leading the Capstone course, few if any faculty members have devoted more time and energy toward teaching members of the Stanford Medicine community than Dr. Pedram Fatehi.  A superb clinician educator with a big C and a really big E.  The Division of Nephrology celebrates him, sideburns and all!”

--Glenn Chertow, Chief of Nephrology

Neel Gupta, MD, and Allison Kurian, MD, M.Sc.

Gupta: Clinical Assistant Professor, Oncology

Kurian: Associate Professor, Oncology

"In recognition of Dr. Saul Rosenberg’s contributions to fellow education and training at Stanford from the beginning of the program, the Division of Oncology Education Committee has established the Saul Rosenberg Faculty Teaching Award. In addition to being a pioneer in oncology and a visionary leader of cancer medicine at Stanford, Saul remains an active, passionate, and dedicated teacher with outstanding contributions to educating several generations of outstanding oncologists, and with immeasurable impact on the communities they serve and the field of oncology as a whole.

The award recognizes the most outstanding faculty educators annually based on review and voting by our fellows.  Our 2020 winners, Drs. Allison Kurian and Neel Gupta, are both outstanding educators.  Dr. Allison Kurian directs the Women's Clinical Cancer Genetics Program in addition to her role as a breast cancer expert and Associate Chief of Academic Affairs in the Division of Oncology.   Dr. Neel Gupta is a Med 9 Onco-hospitalist and lymphoma expert.  Both receive rave reviews from the oncology fellows for their outstanding teaching in clinic." 

--Heather Wakelee, Chief of Oncology

Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD

Associate Professor, Primary Care and Outcomes Research

“Jeremy has played a very important role in our teaching and training programs. He teaches several core classes and they are outstanding. He also plays a crucial role in our doctoral program and is a sought after and very highly regarded mentor.  His contributions to our training program have been extraordinary.”

--Doug Owens, Chief of Primary Care and Outcomes Research

Linda Barman, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Primary Care and Population Health

“Nominated for her role as lead physician in the organization of a rotation for learners (residents, medical students, APP students) in Express Care. Thanks to her the rotation in Express Care is one of the most popular rotations in the Internal Medicine Residency program. She goes above and beyond to make sure that all learners have a great experience rotating through the clinic. She has also worked with a community college program to have their students (who are often from very low income and diverse backgrounds) shadow providers in Express Care during the summer. This experience was a great success for those students.”

Benjamin Laniakea, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Primary Care and Population Health

“Nominated for his multiple teaching roles in the Medical School, clinic, and the community. In the school, currently designs and teaches the majority of the medical school’s LGBTQ+ curriculum. His curriculum at the School of Medicine include  Introduction to Sexual Minority Health, Introduction to gender minority health and &  Advanced Sexual History Taking. Within the family medicine clerkship, he designed and teaches didactics on Gender Affirming Care. Clinically, he runs an advanced clinical skills session with transgender patients and as head of Stanford’s LGBTQ+ clinic, supports numerous teaching opportunities within the clinic for Stanford medical students, visiting medical students, Family Medicine residents and Internal Medicine residents. He almost always has a learner with him and has become the focal point on learning transgender care at Stanford. In the community, Dr. Laniakea gives numerous lectures to community members, local schools, and neighboring health care systems.”

Tamara Montacute, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Primary Care and Population Health

“Nominated for her outstanding contributions to medical education in multiple roles including: medical director of Arbor Free Clinic where she teaches undergraduates, medical students, and residents; course co-director for the longitudinal Walk With Me course for medical students and PA students; lead faculty for the procedures workshop in the family medicine clerkship, co-founder of the innovative pipeline development course “Primary Care Defined: Perspectives and Procedures” clinical preceptor for medical students at Hoover and the Opportunity Center homeless clinic; and as faculty advisor to the Primary Care and Family Medicine student interest groups.”

--Sang-ick Chang, Chief of Primary Care and Population Health

Yon Sung, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Medicine

"Dr. Yon Sung is a revered teacher in the PACCM Division who has a consummate dedication to her patients and trainees. She is a nationally-recognized clinician caring for pulmonary hypertension. During her time in the division, Stanford has risen to become the top pulmonary vascular program in the country, and Yon's acumen has been a strong contributing factor. She performs the majority of right heart catheterizations and is well-loved by nursing and staff. A genuinely kind, honest and funny colleague, PACCM feels so honored to have her in our ranks!"

Mark Nicolls, Chief of Pulmonary, Allergy & and Critical Care Medicine

Marcia L. Stefanick, PhD

Professor, Stanford Prevention Research Center and Obstetrics and Gynecology

“Dr. Stefanick was selected because of her tireless efforts and incredible contributions to a rich variety of learning opportunities for trainees of all levels including the Community Health and Prevention Research Master’s Program, Human Biology, Women's Health and Sex Differences in Medicine (WHSDM) Center, Stanford Prevention Research Center, and Department of Medicine.”

-- David J. Maron, Chief of Stanford Prevention Research Center

2019 Master Teacher Award

Timothy Meyer, MD

Professor, Nephrology

“Dr. Timothy Meyer has educated a generation of Stanford faculty, fellows, residents, and students on the complexities of renal physiology, salt and water balance, and the kinetics of dialysis therapy.  His quixotic quest in search of putative uremic toxins is known the world over.  For his local, national, and international educational efforts, he is being awarded the DOM Master Teacher Award.”

--Glenn Chertow, Chief of Nephrology