Employee of the Month -- Julie J. Anderson

November 2017, HIP/BeWell

Julie J. Anderson, Senior Health Promotion Manager for HIP and BeWell, has been at Stanford (and with HIP) since 1991. The Chicago native went to school in Massachusetts, returned to Chicago to work at a wellness center, and ended up moving out to Redwood City. She heard about Stanford’s HIP program, came in for an informational interview, and the rest was history.

Her colleague Sarah Meyer Tapia, MA, calls her “a genuine gift to Stanford Medicine.”

A full plate

The list of Anderson’s job duties is varied and impressively long.  She manages the BeWell screening and advising/coaching program, and while she has two employees who manage  I have two manage the day-to-day operations, she’s still very involved. She also does strategic planning, attends the weekly coaches’ meeting, and facilitates the quarterly All-Hands Meeting. In addition to that she’s the associate director of the Living Strong Living Well program, a 12 week strength training program for cancer patients and survivors that is held at the local YMCAs.

As she explains it, “We started the program 16 years ago and it’s in 12 local Y’s. I go on the first and last day of six of the programs. I also maintain the database, do the registration and prepare the materials for all the groups, and co-lead the trainings for program instructors.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also part of the HIP management and strategic planning team. No wonder, then, that Tapia says, “I truly don't know how Julie does it all without seeming intimidating or overscheduled.”

A true leader

Tapia and other colleagues praise Anderson’s leadership.

“Any time I need to talk to her, she makes herself available,” Rosalyne Tu, MS, RD explains. “I know this isn't easy for her because her schedule is packed, and she often works in the evenings and on weekends to get what she needs done. I recently came back from maternity leave and she was fully supportive of me taking the time I needed, even though that meant more work for her.”

Tapia adds: “Julie mentors with kindness and generosity, offering clarity and wisdom with such grace and humility.  She responds to my texts and emails immediately, always with thoughtful insight.  She beautifully strikes the balance of giving me freedom to lead my team while remaining so available to help if I need her.  She trusts me and empowers me.  She advocates for me and supports my professional and personal development.  This selfless unassuming strength is visible in Julie's interactions with all of her colleagues.” Tapia also notes that Anderson often volunteers to take notes at staff meetings, even though she’s one of the most senior members of the team.

“No matter how busy Julie is, you always have the sense that she has time for you,” Tu explains.

And Julie loves her colleagues as much as they love her. “I love the people I work with,” she says. “I love the flexibility and variety I’ve had over the years. I’ve done many different things in HIP over the 25+ years and have appreciated the autonomy and opportunities for growth. I love working one-on-one with our participants and helping people make a healthy behavior change. I love hearing stories of how HIP/BeWell have had an impact on the Stanford community.”

Outside of work, Julie stays active (of course). She plays volleyball outside MSOB at lunch with Stanford colleagues, and enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and almost 8 year old daughter. She also loves reading, musicals, Stanford sports, and the Chicago Cubs.