Employee of the Month -- Chika Egemba

December 2017, Center for Health Policy and Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research (CHP/PCOR)

Chika Egemba is, according to her colleagues, a “wizard” with “legendary” web skills. As an administrative associate for CHP/PCOR (the Center for Health Policy and the Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research), she wears many hats.

“I support faculty and perform a range of administrative tasks, and my day-to-day responsibilities vary,” Egemba says. “I mostly show up mentally prepared for whatever gets thrown at me. I work in a high-pressure environment where the daily expectations are to produce high quality work with poise and grace. Our main goal is to keep our faculty happy so they can focus on producing their best work.”

She started at Stanford in August of 2016. Before that she was a full-time student at San Francisco State and worked part time at a retirement community with over 250 residents from diverse backgrounds. Simultaneously, she says, “I was a Health Educator Intern at an underserved high school, where she had the opportunity of coordinating the provision of culturally sensitive health education services to students.”

After she graduated from San Francisco State, she applied to jobs and grad school programs—she got into a Masters of Public Health program at the University of San Francisco, and a few months into that, was offered the job at CHP/PCOR.

Radiating positivity

Many of Egemba’s coworkers love her overall approach to work. “She magically uplifts everyone around her,” Soka Keo says.

Eran Bendavid, MD, MS agrees: “Chika defines collegiality. Never anything other than a smile on her face. She is so pleasant that it makes the whole ‘work’ thing a pleasure. She is a major contributor to the spirit of support and collaboration at PCOR.”

Lesley Chang loves her “friendly, can-do-it attitude.” Nancy Lonhart, MA, says, “We are a busy division with approximately 80 faculty, staff, and students.  Chika charms them all. She has learned that some faculty require extra nudging, and she does so gently and gracefully. She is always enthusiastic and energetic, and when her plate is clear, she reaches out to her co-workers to offer her support.”

A born multitasker

Many of Egemba’s colleagues are also impressed with her work ethic. Multiple people mention the fact that she’s just completed her Masters of Public Health while also working full time. “She truly mastered the art of time management,” Keo says. “I have no idea how she is able to get so much work done in one day and still has enough energy to go to her BeWell classes and choir practice! I could go on and on about how deserving Chika is.”

“She not only assists with what is asked, but will often take the initiative to offer suggestions to make my job easier,” Shilpa Jani agrees.

A busy December

December 2017 was an important month for Egemba. She was “pleasantly surprised” by the honor of Employee of the Month. “I had just graduated from USF with my MPH on Dec 15th, celebrated my birthday on Dec 16th, and was informed on Dec 18th that I had won the Employee of the Month award,” she explains. And she loves her team. “I have wonderful team members, an awesome supervisor, and I support the most amazing faculty,” she says. “Also, Stanford has great incentives and numerous opportunities for professional growth and development.”

Outside of work, Egemba is active in her church, serving as Assistant Church Secretary, Youth Leader, Choir and Minister Welfare Coordinator. No one will ever know how she has the time to do it all.