Employee of the Month - Nicole Feldman

September 2015, Division of CHP/PCOR

“She has the most cheerful disposition no matter how hectic or stressful the situation is

An “outstanding asset.” The “glue that keeps our unit together.” A “superior contributor.”

These are just some of the many accolades used to describe Nicole Feldman, the Department of Medicine’s Employee of the Month for September.

As the Communications and Administrative Associate for the Center for Health Policy/Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research (CHP/PCOR), Feldman has a wide range of responsibilities. Among her duties are providing administrative support; handling purchasing for the center; and coordinating events and travel.

Feldman also maintains the center’s website and produces a monthly newsletter. “Most of my job is taking care of whatever comes up, whether it be teaching someone how to use the fax machine (yes, we still have one), getting someone to fix a hole in our ceiling during a thunderstorm (yes, that really happened), or calling India to change a flight an hour before it takes off,” she explained.

Bottom line: Feldman is an essential member of CHP/PCOR. “Nicole is the glue that keeps our unit together and running,” Nomita Divi, the project manager for the Stanford India Health Policy Initiative, wrote in a letter nominating Feldman for the Employee of the Month Award. “She has so many responsibilities. I cannot even keep track of them, but she does each of them with such keen attention one would never realize her workload. She has the most cheerful disposition no matter how hectic or stressful the situation is.”

Divi and other colleagues also lauded Feldman’s tremendous work ethic and her commitment to excellence. “Nicole serves so many of our staff and faculty in a position that typically goes under the radar,” Divi wrote. “And her performance is excellent.” Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert, an associate professor of medicine (Primary Outcomes Research), agreed, adding: “I have rarely met someone like Nicole Feldman, and I hope we find, hire, and retain many more like her. She provides fantastic administrative support. She understands each one of her jobs and roles thoroughly and takes pride in reaching extreme levels of competency. Furthermore, she seeks to understand the nuances around why faculty come to her to receive support within her roles and tailors the support she provides to these needs.”

At work, Feldman’s initiative and ability to juggle multiple priorities are indispensible, explained Kathryn McDonald, executive director for CHP/PCOR. “Her initiative and dedication continue to impress me. She's helped substantively on many extras while managing her daily administrative load. She worked tirelessly on several of my research projects when we needed real help, and is helping with our communication by writing articles, and getting the website revamped. What I like about Nicole best is how she communicates proactively with everyone who needs information and support from her. She is deftly juggling her own new communications responsibilities, while covering previous responsibilities and doing an excellent job training new staff.”

Feldman, who came to the Department of Medicine in May of 2014, enjoys the myriad opportunities for personal and professional growth that working at Stanford affords. “It is great to be able to participate in programs like BeWell, or to hear speakers like Bassem Youssef and President Obama. However, I am even more appreciative of the professional opportunities for growth I have had. The people at CHP/PCOR are phenomenal, and I am very happy to be working with them.”

Outside of work, Feldman can be found traveling, hiking, and wine tasting. “I love exploring new places,” she said. “As a Southern California native, I have probably spent more time at Disneyland than any adult you have ever met!”