Randall Araquistain

Medicine IT

June 2015 Employee of the Month

If you’ve ever experienced trouble with your computer, your network, or your software, then you may have crossed paths with Randall Araquistain, the Department of Medicine’s IT Support Specialist. Araquistain’s duties include responding to IT requests, and providing daily IT assistance to Department of Medicine staff and faculty. It’s a challenging role that he handles with aplomb, says Jack Zeng, the IT director for the department. “Randall’s job requires up-to-date technical skills, flexibility and adaptability to constantly reshuffle tasks and priorities, and a customer service attitude that puts users at ease when computers don’t cooperate. He has all of these qualifications, and has applied them in all the cases he’s supported.”

Araquistain, who previously worked for a high tech company, came to the Department of Medicine in 2003. He spent his first seven years with the Division of Immunology and Rheumatology, and later transitioned to the Medicine IT group. Besides executing IT assistance daily, he is currently helping Medicine IT migrate data for a new group at El Camino Hospital, and working on encryption and Stanford’s upcoming email migration.

His colleagues praise him for his professionalism, and his ability to remain cool under pressure. “Randall has always provided excellent services to his users and team members, and his professionalism and dedication to his duties are exhibited on a daily basis,” writes Stephen Fabay, desktop support specialist for the IT group, in a nominating letter. “What’s more outstanding is that these traits never waiver when difficulties arise. Randall’s similarities rival that of Rambo, which is why I have given him that nickname. Both get the job done at all costs with a flair for the dramatic. One uses a bazooka; the other uses a laptop.”

Araquistain considers his job a perfect fit for his skills and interests. “It’s hard to tell how my day to day will go and that’s what I like,” he explains. “You could plan your day, but computers, smartphones, or devices can fail at any time and that could change all your plans. There’s absolutely nothing monotonous about my job.” He also enjoys interfacing with the diversity of people and cultures in the department. “One of the greatest pleasures of this job is meeting people from all walks of life,” Araquistain reflects. “It’s been a long journey, but I’m ready for another 12 years!”

Outside of work, Araquistain is a passionate sports fan, and revels in the recent success of our Bay Area teams. He enjoys watching soccer, basketball, baseball, and takes advantage of the beautiful weather by going camping and hiking with his family.