Henry Kuo – Apr. 2015 Employee of the Month

Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine

As the grants manager for the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine, Henry Kuo oversees the Division’s extensive financial portfolio, handling awards, grants, contracts and faculty finances. He is also an “irreplaceable asset,” colleagues said, and brings enthusiasm and a positive attitude to work each day.

When Kuo joined the Department of Medicine seven years ago, he discovered work he loved—managing grants, finances and contracts for research faculty—in a dynamic academic environment. “The Department of Medicine is a great place to work,” he said.

Upi Singh, MD, associate professor of medicine (infectious diseases), said Kuo has been an “incredible asset” to the ID Division from the moment he arrived on the Stanford campus.

“Henry has been an outstanding contributor,” Singh wrote in a nominating letter. “He has regularly grown in his role, shown an eagerness to take on new responsibilities, and works extremely well with his colleagues. Henry always says ‘sure I can do this’, and he delivers superbly. For the last three years, Henry has single-handedly managed the extensive financial portfolio for our Division, which is no small task.”

Philip Grant, MD, assistant professor of medicine (infectious diseases), described Kuo as the “ultimate professional.”

“I have worked with Henry frequently over the past five years, and he has always been professional and pleasant to a fault,” Grant wrote. “Although dealing with budget issues can be stressful, Henry approaches every issue with a smile and equanimity, allowing me to relax as I think how best to allocate my resources among studies and staff. Henry is extremely organized and thorough. Every paper is prepared correctly and everything is ready for signature when a meeting is scheduled. He is the ultimate team player and the ultimate professional!”

Other colleagues praised Kuo for his hard work and dedication. “Henry has tirelessly managed the lion’s share of our grants, contracts, clinical trials, etc.,” said Michael Negrette, division manager of infectious diseases. “He serves the faculty and staff with a great breadth of knowledge and a helpful attitude. He is an irreplaceable asset and he is very deserving of the Employee of the Month Award.”