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The Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU) is a new unit in the Department of Medicine (DOM). The


Left to right: Manisha Desai, PhD, Jane Paik, PhD, Jessica Kubo, MS

QSU is beginning its collaboration with faculty in the DOM in response to an increasing demand for statistical support and data coordination.  The QSU was created largely to provide support for large-scale scientific projects.  We believe that to further science, it is important to facilitate the flow of data to investigators as efficiently as possible.  We are also committed to providing sound analyses in a timely fashion. 

Our specific goals are to:

The QSU will also participate in various educational and training opportunities on Stanford campus. Once fully established, our personnel will consist of statisticians, statistical programmers, data managers, and software developers. 

Stanford has a rich history of doing high quality science.  We are excited to be part of that process and look forward to collaborating with the Stanford scientific community.

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