2017 Employees of the Month


Jeanette Conley
Stanford ValleyCare

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As rewarding as working in a lab can be, it can also be difficult – complicated by a number of factors related to technology, schedules, supplies and paperwork. But the Bollyky Lab counts itself lucky: it has Heather Ishak to keep things running smoothly.


Ines Campero
Stanford Prevention Research Center

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Ines Campero works in the Healthy Aging Research and Technology Solutions (HARTS) Lab within the Stanford Prevention Research Center, which Ines says, “conducts clinical trials to test the effectiveness of innovative programs that promote healthy behaviors and environments among diverse midlife and older adults.” Ines is the lab’s social science research professional, which she says, quite modestly, means, “I lead, help and guide the team. I make sure our studies run smoothly, on schedule and meet objectives.”


Arnold Shir
Stanford Health Policy

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Arnold Shir, a research assistant at Stanford Health Policy, says that his work keeps him on his toes… and that he enjoys every second of it.

Sometimes, of course, that’s just what people say, but Arnold’s enjoyment of his work is clear to colleagues like Marcella Alsan, who calls him “a ray of sunshine.” Nicole Feldman says, “I have never met a more positive person than Arnold Shir.” Along with colleagues Michelle Zhao and Elena Lucchese, she specifically remarks on Arnold’s “sunny disposition.”