October Service Spotlight Award goes to Greg Rosellini

Left to right: Amir Rubin, Greg Rosellini, David Spain

Greg Rossellini, MD, was honored as October’s Service Spotlight award winner for his exemplary contribution to the patient experience at Stanford Health Care.

In his nomination letter, David Spain, MD, wrote: “We had a young man (only child) who came to us with a protracted course - basically he'd been very sick for 2 years. After an extensive evaluation we operated on him, even though we knew it was high risk but there really was no other alternative. Unfortunately he had a series of complications and it became clear he wouldn't survive. This was very hard on the family and staff because he was alert and aware of what was happening. As noted, when he died Greg made a caste of his hands and presented it to his family. The thoughtfulness of the gesture, the timing and the manner that Greg presented to the family were especially poignant and I'm sure with be very helpful to the family as they grieve."