Stanford Shines at STFM Conference on Medical Student Education

The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine’s 2017 Conference on Medical Student Education took place in Anaheim, CA February 1-4. Stanford faculty, staff, residents, and students had an unprecedented showing – presenting new scholarly work and garnering admiration from conference organizers and attendees.

“The quality, innovation, and sheer breadth of our scholarly work made a noticeable impact at the conference,” said Steven Lin, MD. He continued: “I had several senior STFM officials and board members remark to me: ‘What the heck is going on at Stanford?  Aren't you supposed to be an orphan school? This year, you guys are the conference!’"

This achievement, Lin said, was the result of “incredible teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and resilience."

Here’s a numerical breakdown of Stanford accomplishments:

Total number of presentations: 23

Number of posters: 7

Number of oral presentations: 16

Number of presentations with 3 or more collaborators: 16

Number of presentations involving students or residents: 12

Number of inter-professional presentations: 2

Number of inter-institutional presentations: 5

Number of faculty: 11

Number of residents: 1

 Number of students: 6