Annual Research Retreat Features Poster Sessions, Scientific Talks, and Tribute to Saul Rosenberg

Designed not only to create awareness about ongoing projects but also to foster collaboration, the Oncology and Hematology Annual Research Retreat is known as the “signature event” for the Department of Medicine’s Division of Oncology. The division has been hosting the event for over 40 years, and this year’s event, hosted jointly with the Division of Hematology has been tradition since 2005, took place August 9-11 at the Asilomar Conference Center.

Poster sessions at the retreat illustrated the robust nature of the laboratory and clinical research happening within the oncology and hematology divisions. Detailed scientific talks were offered within six sessions: the molecular underpinnings of cancer, clinical oncology approaches, molecular oncology diagnostics, novel oncological methods, clinical research and translational medicine. The retreat also helped fellows and students practice public speaking and connect with mentors.

In addition to the more formal aspects of the retreat, students, fellows and faculty participated in a raffle, reception, bonfire and special dinner in tribute to Saul Rosenberg, MD, the Maureen Lyles D’Ambrogio Professor of Oncology (Emeritus), in celebration of his 90th birthday. The festivities featured a poem written by the Oncology Division’s “Poet Laureate” Ranjana Advani:


How can words do justice to Saul,

An ultimate mentor, friend and guide to us all.

His life and accomplishments are unsurpassed.

It's hard to know where to start.

The father of our oncology division

He has trained generations of world class physicians.

His reputation reached far and wide

As treatment of Hodgkin's disease made great strides.

First to start the concept of clinical trials with randomization,

Led the development of the Ann Arbor classification.

A leader at every step of the way,

His efforts gave Stanford’s lymphoma program an international reputation which holds even today.

Pride in clinical excellence was a key mission.

Creating the MC line was his vision.

Clinical rigor has always been his passion,

Along with teaching physicians the art of compassion.

Many in this room have heard about the Rosenberg sign

And learnt on a chest X-ray how to draw a mediastinal line.

Deep relationships with his patients and their kin:

Forty years later they still come to see him.

Age has never been a barrier to Saul.

Journal club or staging conference he comes to them all. 

I've had the privilege of being his patient, mentee and now a friend.

He has shaped my career at every bend. 

Importance of family and work life balance was a core value he instilled,

A rare mantra to hear from a mentor whose career was so fulfilled.

His accolades to all are evident,

Be it division chief or an ASCO president.

Through all this fame and recognition

Is a man with a lot of grace and determination.

At 90, he is still stubborn and holds true to his convictions.

We salute you, Saul, for who you are and all that you have done

And wish you many more years under the glorious sun.