NIH Collaboratory Launches New Website

The NIH Collaboratory launched a new website this week:  Rethinking Clinical Trials®: A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials. This “living textbook” is a valuable resource for clinical researchers, from investigators and coordinators to operational staff. It’s also the new home for all Grand Rounds content, both archived and upcoming, with a wealth of information about the special considerations of pragmatic clinical trials at each stage of the research process. 

The website, designed as a comprehensive resource, contains 12 detailed chapters with expert insight. This includes up to date information on the best ways to design and conduct clinical trials, descriptions of challenges posed by trials and how to overcome them, and strategies for disseminating and implementing evidence gathered from the trials. There are also trusted resources and academic references to help guide the process, as well as specific, real world examples from the NIH Collaboratory.