Stanford Medical Residents Match to Fellowships

All 34 medical residents currently at Stanford have successfully matched to fellowships.  Ron Witteles, MD, associate professor of cardiovascular medicine, calls the matches this year “outstanding” and adds that the vast majority of residents got their number one choices, in “really impressive programs for the most competitive subspecialties.”  You can view the list of the residents’ matches below.

Residents at a fellowship match celebration.


Caitlin Bell – Stanford

Aly Elezaby – Stanford

Aaron Grober – UCSF

Alan Kiang – Cleveland Clinic

Amrita Krishnamurthy – Cornell

Maggie Ning – Stanford

Jay Patel – UCLA

Viraj Raygor – UT Southwestern

Sonia Shah – UT Southwestern

Jimmy Tooley – Stanford

Chad Weldy – Stanford



Julia Chang – Stanford



Grant Barber – Stanford

Andrew Li – Stanford

Ulysses Rosas – Cedars-Sinai

Sujan Thiruvengadam – UCLA

Mike Wei – Stanford

Alexa Weingarden – Stanford

Tim Yen – U. Colorado



Michael Genualdi – Stanford

Tor Termglinchan – Stanford



Vineeta Agarwala – Stanford

Vinh Dao – Stanford

Daniel Hausrath – Vanderbilt

Vanessa Kennedy – UCSF

Arathi Mohan – U. Michigan

Yoanna Pumpalova – Columbia

Naj Waseem – Johns Hopkins


Infectious Disease

Nick Degner – Stanford

Katharine Dobos – Stanford


Pulmonary/Critical Care
Darius Filsuf – Stanford

Gilad Jaffe – UCLA

Kai Swenson – Stanford



Wilson Kuswanto – Stanford