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  • Sara Clark- June 2018 Employee of the Month

    Sara Clark, a New Zealand expat who’s been at Stanford since 1990, is described by colleagues as “exceedingly pleasant.”…

  • John Wolf- May 2018 Employee of the Month

    John Wolf, clinical financial analyst for the Department of Medicine, is what one of his colleagues calls an “unsung hero.”…

  • Irina Polusmak- April 2018 Employee of the Month

    Irina Polusmak, executive assistant to the Chair of the Department of Medicine, is “the definition of a perfectionist,” according to her colleagues.

  • Lauren Arthur- March 2018 Employee of the Month

    The level of praise surrounding Lauren Arthur, administrative associate for the division of hospital medicine, is slightly overwhelming.

  • Mandy Murphy Carroll - February 2018 Employee of the Month

    Mandy Murphy Carroll, MPH, RD, is “the glue that holds the CHIVES project together,” according to her friend and colleague Carrie McKinley.

  • Helen Luikart - January 2018 Employee of the Month

    Helen Luikart, RN, MSN, CCRC, is a fixture in her division. She’s worked at Stanford for 29 years.

  • Chika Egemba- December 2017 Employee of the Month

    Chika Egemba is, according to her colleagues, a “wizard” with “legendary” web skills. As an administrative associate for CHP/PCOR, she wears many hats.

  • Julie J Anderson- November 2017 Employee of the Month

    Julie J. Anderson, Senior Health Promotion Manager for HIP and BeWell, has been at Stanford (and with HIP) since 1991. Her colleague Sarah Meyer Tapia, MA, calls her “a genuine gift to Stanford Medicine.”…

  • Donna Medved- October 2017 Employee of the Month

    Donna Medved, Research Administrator in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Division, is an asset to her division. If you ask Division Manager Susan Lydick, the only problem is that there aren’t more of her. “Donna has the sort of work ethic that makes her someone I wish I could clone,” Lydick says.

  • Michelle Lee- September 2017 Employee of the Month

    Michelle Lee, recruitment and alumni relations administrator for the Medicine Residency and Educational Programs, is seen as something of a superwoman in her division. “She exemplifies dedication to her job while having a great attitude and treating others with great hospitality!” Katherine Ozeki, MD, said. Lee, who came to Stanford in March 2015 after working in academic advising and student affairs for the UC system, has become, as Audrey Holmes puts it, “a gem in our fast-paced office.”…

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