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Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Programs for Residents

Stanford is working with residents, faculty and staff to incorporate quality improvement (QI) and patient safety both in practice and in education. Below are opportunities for residents to learn more and/or get involved in quality efforts.

Elective in QI, Patient Safety, & Organizational Change

This elective is a 4-week training and mentorship experience at Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics.  The overarching goal of the elective is to provide mentored practice and growth in residents’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes in quality improvement, patient safety, and organizational change.

The resident will engage in directed readings in quality, patient safety, and organizational change, attend sessions with experienced “QI Champions”, learn about quality improvement projects and processes at Stanford University, participate in ongoing quality and patient safety activities within the Department of Medicine and Stanford Hospital & Clinics, and design and begin a quality improvement /patient safety/organizational change project. Residents receive regular verbal feedback. The quality improvement elective is also designed to allow the resident to develop a mentoring relationship with a “QI Champion” who will serve as a role model, mentor and educator.

Elective in Quality Improvement 

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 If you have any questions or would like to participate in quality efforts in Medicine, please contact Kambria Hooper, M.Ed.


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