Department of Medicine

Educational Opportunities

The educational mission of the Department of Medicine is to provide excellent broad-based clinical training in a scholarly environment for future academic leaders. We provide clinical training in all of the disciplines of internal medicine. With respect to our educational mission, Department of Medicine trainees include medical students, graduate students, interns, residents, clinical and research fellows, and postdoctoral fellows.

Residency Program

Residency and Fellowship programs can prepare you for careers in Internal Medicine broadly and all of its subspecialties.

Department of Medicine also presents Medicine Grand Rounds, many conferences as well as provides additional training and educational resources and programs.


The clerkship in Internal Medicine is an eight-week ward experience designed to expose students to the diagnosis and management of common medical conditions.

Special Programs

The following special programs are a commitment to provide an environment that stimulates communication and promotes lifelong learning, our special programs stretch beyond the boundaries of traditional medical education and training. We are pleased to offer interested students and faculty the opportunity for continued academic, professional, and personal growth.

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